We provide quality addiction prevention, intervention, and treatment services to improve health, wellness, and overall happiness. With an ultimate goal to see our community set free from addiction!

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Our Services

What makes us different? 

Regardless of ability to pay, M.A. Camp Counseling will not deny anyone an appointment or support services within 24-48 hours. 

We also believe there is no cookie-cutter model to recovery and that you can be SET FREE from addiction!! 

 Therefore, our approach is tailored to your specific recovery needs. 

If they are ready and willing! Your road towards FREEDOM starts today!

Individual Therapy Services 

We offer individual counseling services to meet your needs. We do not believe in a cookie cutter model; therefore, we will discover together what works best for your recovery journey.

Substance Abuse Evaluations

We offer a variety of Substance Abuse Evaluations. We are SASSI Certified, SBIRT Certified, as well as a DOT-SAP Provider. We also have experience working with many legal systems throughout the states.  

SET FREE: A Pathway to Change

Set Free: A Pathway to Change is a closed consecutive 10-week group therapy setting for young adults to discuss matters related to substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and eating disorders while discovering healthier coping strategies. Approved by Bell County Juvenile Services Probation. 

Teen & Adult SMART Recovery Meetings 

Weekly Discussion Group

SMART is a no cost self-help program with tools to help youth change drinking, drugging or other stuff that's holding youth and adults back. The alternative to AA or NA. The program and tools are

non-judgmental. It's all about "self" - SMART stands for Self-

Management And Recovery Training. Youth/Adults don't have to attend SMART for a lifetime. You move on with their life after overcoming the challenges they now face. 

STARTING 1/27/18 

9am - Adolscents 

10am - Adults 

Family Check-up Meetings

Family Check-up  meetings that highlight parenting skills that focus on preventing the initiation and progression of drug use in their home. Other topics include juvenile delinquency and conduct disorder in the home or school.

Military Significant Other Support Group

Significant Others Support group for concerned significant others trying to understand and support the loved one's recovery process while still picking up the pieces of the addict’s aftermath.